"Angel Has Fallen" (Gerard Butler) Movie Review

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If you're a fan of action-packed movies, then you should not let this one pass. The 3rd installment of the "Fallen" series, Mike Banning is back in action and of course, my husband and I wouldn't miss it for the world. From the first Fallen, Olympus has Fallen in 2013 and London Has Fallen in 2016, our favorite modern-day Hero without a cape is back. Angel Has Fallen was released last August 21, 2019, here in the Philippines.

Starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman as the new President of the United States, from being the Speaker of the House in Olympus has Fallen to Vice President in London Has Fallen and now the President and Mike Banning still the trusted buddy of the new President.

The plot of the movie has always been good ever since the first installment. The Cinematography is good but you will have to be patient as there's a lot of night scenes at the earlier phase of the movie, as in the literally dark scenes that you may ask just like me "where are those people?", understandable that it happens at night, I don't know if it's my eyes, the cinema or the movie. But the good thing is they make it up on the latter part.

Trust, Betrayal, Family, Friendship, Faith and your Stand to what you believe in are the main points of this movie. Trust has been the biggest issue in this movie (trying my best not to spoil it🤐). It's for you to find out who will you trust, who they trust and who betrayed who's trust.
This installment will give you a background on Mike Banning's origin, and how he came who he is now since the first two films focus on how he will save the President and the first family, now it will be to save his family and his own life. This time it is more about Banning and not just the President anymore. This movie will keep your heart pumping up to the last scene. What you will have to expect is some scenes are predictable, like you will already know what will happen next or who did what. But still, Angel Has Fallen will never disappoint you with the action scenes, turn of events, and the story itself. Surely Dad's, Grandpa's, brothers and Gals who love action, thrilling movies. Heroic bloodshed plus Military fiction in one film.

The moral of the movie are:
  • You cannot trust anybody else than yourself. 
  • You'll do everything and whatever it takes for your family, even though it will cost you your own happiness.
  • The family will always be family, regardless of your distance. The family will always be your last resort and the last place you will go home to.
  • If you know and have what is True, then you'll never go wrong and you'll always be right whatever the circumstances may be. 
I hope I never spoil too much of this movie to you😇. So if you're looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, G!, and reserve your tickets now at your favorite movie house nationwide. 

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Street Motorcycle Riding Gear {for Fall Riding} For Women

Street bikes are one of the best ways to get around. They are fast, agile and fun. You can squeeze even more performance out of them by finding a few motorcycle aftermarket parts online. However, before you do any of that, you need to get the right riding gear. Proper protection should be the top priority on every rider’s list.

The helmet is the most important part of street motorcycle riding gear for women or any rider for that matter. Unsurprisingly, head trauma is a leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle crashes. So, you want to get a good helmet to keep you safe in the event on an accident.
Full-face helmets are generally the best choice as they offer the most protection. Additionally, they have a visor that will protect your face against winds and cold fall air at high speeds. Many have ventilation that helps them stay a comfortable temperature while you ride. Of course, some riders prefer the look and feel of open-face and half helmets.

After the helmet, your most important piece of riding gear is your jacket. Fall weather can be mixed, days can be hot, cold, dry, wet or any combination. The right fall riding jacket should be protective while offering flexibility to match the weather. After all, you need to wear the thing, so you want it to be comfortable all season.
One example of this is the Olympia Moto Sports Women’s Airglide 5 Mesh Tech Jacket. It has a mesh system for airflow and an optional over or under rain jacket with insulation. This combination makes the jacket great for dealing with fall weather.
Of course, many people want to wear leather. It is so closely bound with the riding lifestyle. The Scorpion EXO Women’s Catalina Jacket is a great leather riding jacket for the fall. It has built-in reflective material for those longer fall nights. It also has a removable inner vest liner for extra warmth and rain protection.

A good pair of boots is a must-have for riding. In the fall, as temperatures drop, it is easier to strap on some more protective options. For example, try Roland Sands Design Women’s Cajon Boots. They are a pair of leather boots with a classic, street riding look and built-in reinforcements for extra protection.
Alternatively, opt for something a little more modern such as the Speed and Strength Women’s Seventh Heaven Boots. This pair features a sneaker-inspired look with high laces and anti-slip sole. This is a great choice for a more casual riding boot that is perfect for the fall.

Get the Right Gear
Whether you are looking for riding gear, Yamaha aftermarket bike parts or Honda ATV parts near me, getting the right equipment is a must to fully enjoy your riding experience. Fortunately, you can find all the riding gear you need online. So, you can confidently take on the streets this fall on your bike.
Make sure to consider your safety when you pick your gear. If an accident happens, it may be the only thing protecting you from serious injury. Find good-looking but protective riding gear today.

#HeadsTogether means removing barriers so people can be closer together Head and Shoulders helps to remove barriers so people can put their #HeadsTogether

In a world that was taught to despise crowded spaces, Head and Shoulders encourages people to find the beauty in it.

To know more about Head  Shoulders’ #HeadsTogether Campaign watch the video here and join the conversations online how you break barriers like dandruff:

#HeadsTogether made its online debut this month with tug-at-heartstring video content; an eye-opener on what most people fail to see when they’re caught up inside crowded spaces: the birth of beautiful friendships, a helping hand from a complete stranger, the comfort of warm smiles in unexpected situations. This campaign is a reminder to continue to see the good in the bad, and that the only way this can happen, is when we start to remove the barriers between two people.
Head and Shoulders inspires Filipinos to put their #HeadsTogether
As dandruff remains to be a main hair and scalp problem of Filipinos, exposure to crowded spaces with hot, humid weather makes scalp oilier[BR4] and greasy-looking, and oily scalps tend to be more susceptible to dandruff[BR5].
Dandruff prevents people from getting closer together. It’s an unspoken wall coming from personal discomfort, and Head and Shoulders aim to break this barrier to inspire more people to put their #HeadsTogether.
Head and Shoulders believe in a dandruff-free world; a world without the barriers of flakes and scalp odor. The world’s no. 1 shampoo celebrates closeness and inclusivity, as it inspires to build better and stronger relationships with others. So, no matter how crowded the world is – we are not afraid to be a part of it.

Dandruff-free World

About 50% of the population is prone to experience dandruff and over decades, Head and Shoulders is proven to provide cutting-edge technology and innovative products to address the world’s cry against dandruff. Clinically tested over 200 times, Head and Shoulders is the most tested and trusted anti-dandruff shampoo in the market.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and having a healthy and dandruff-free scalp could go a long way - for it does not only give you self-confidence but that peace of mind wherever you go.

Let Head and Shoulders be your best ally to be more confident to make new friends, ace that first day at your new job or even just hang out with old friends.

With the world’s no. 1 shampoo, it’s time to put our #HeadsTogether towards a dandruff-free world.


As the partner of every blue-collar worker, FastJobs Philippines’ fastest growing online jobs portal - held a mini job fair and free seminar “For the Riders,” last June 28, 2019, at the San Juan Gymnasium.

“For the Riders” provided an avenue for delivery service providers (riders) to seek new job opportunities, especially those affected by the suspension of one of the on-demand groceries startup in the Philippines.

“We, at FastJobs, believe in helping each other out, as this is how we see we can strengthen the nation. The country’s success lies on the shoulder of our blue-collar workers, who make up the backbone of our economy, so we must continue to provide them the tools and  the opportunities to help them find better-paying jobs that fit their work skills,” shares
Sebastian San, Assistant Director - Regional Partnerships of FastJobs.

In addition to linking riders to new job opportunities through its job fair, FastJobs held a free seminar, which updated participants on relevant topics such as road safety, emergency responsiveness, and preparedness. To talk about injury avoidance and the importance of riders in the community was Stalin Jher Iilahi, Association President of 24/7 ARPG Riders Team Manila.

For years, FastJobs has been making it easier for individuals to find jobs that fit their skills and introduces them to employers through its innovative hiring platform. This platform includes mobile-first innovations such as FastChat, Resume Builder, and Group Broadcast Capabilities, which allows applicants to find jobs fast and employers to save time.

FastJobs empowers riders and skilled laborers by making the job-seeking process easier and more convenient. Simply download the FastJobs App on your mobiles, and after registering, you can immediately start submitting your applications. To save time, jobseekers can use the instant messaging feature called FastChat.

“FastJobs is continually seeking new ways to help the regular worker and bring back dignity to their work. With the recent boom in the food and grocery delivery market, our riders have so much more opportunity – and we hope to help them in that aspect,” ends San.

Download the FastJobs mobile app now available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines at the Android Play store and Apple App store or visit  https://www.fastjobs.ph/

About FastJobs

FastJobs is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing mobile job app that focuses on recruitment for customer-facing, support and operational roles. By applying technology alongside data insights, our vision is to simplify job matching and provide everyone with equal access to job opportunities from trusted employers.

Incubated by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and officially launched in April 2015, the FastJobs app has since been downloaded more than 2.5 million times across the region. At the HR Vendors of the Year 2018 Awards, FastJobs emerged as Best New Recruitment Solution Provider (Gold, Singapore, and Malaysia), Best HR Start-up Company (Silver, Singapore) and
Best Recruitment Portal (Bronze, Singapore).

Business success depends on finding the right people, and FAST. This is at the heart of FastJobs and inspires us to continually re-imagine the way people are connected to jobs. As FastJobs expands across Southeast Asia, we strive to improve people’s lives with better access to economic opportunities.

More photos from the event.

New #ChooseToFeelGood Chicken Parmigiana with Herbed Pasta from Pancake House

Chicken Parmigiana with Herbed Pasta by Pancake House

As by now you should know that Pancake House is our favorite To-Go to place for comfort foods(especially their branch in SM North Edsa). And just recently they've launched a new addition to their Pasta dishes. The Chicken Parmigiana with Herbed Pasta. This meal goes to both chicken lovers and pasta lovers. Two of our favorites in one delicious meal.

If you have tried other pasta dishes from this famous house then one thing you'll know for sure, the noodles of their pasta are cooked to perfection. Al dente as what most of pasta lovers want their pasta to be...as I would also want how my pasta should be cooked. The taste is very delightful, now I'm torn between their spaghetti and this herbed pasta. What I love about the taste of this Pasta is the garlicky taste which explodes in my mouth. You would know the flavors, especially the herbs are provided in generous amount.  

Parmigiana according to my research is an Italian dish made with shallow or deep fried eggplant or chicken or any type of meat cutlet, layered with tomato sauce and cheese then baked. 
So for the chicken, it was like you've had your spaghetti noodles swapped into a tender chicken. Chicken cooked into perfection topped with a sauce similar to their famous spaghetti plus an additional melted cheese on top. Oh so Yummy! I swear this is one thing you should try!

I've had it tasted by Dad, #ZekydGreat, #CleverErky, my sister Jean and my brother Joseph and they all have one thing to say about this meal, 'It taste good!, And they loved it'. Especially the chicken, it was the most tender chicken, I have ever tasted so far. The taste was something new but you won't be afraid to try it because from the aroma, to the first look and your first try, it really won't let you down. Pancake House really hasn't let us down(except for some branch🙄), but all in all Pancake House have our hearts ever since🧡💛❤️.

Oh btw, this meal is also part of their Choose Any 2 for 399 promo. Check out their new promotions on different sites below:
Facebook page: Pancake House
Instagram: @pancakehouseph

More of our Pancake House experience on our upcoming blogs.

Let's all choose to Feel Good.
Enjoy Reading! And Enjoy Eating!

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